Team & Culture


Our team and culture

Many of our employees have been working at the Ulbster Arms for over a decade, so the team often describes itself as being like a big, happy family. It’s this backdrop of strong relationships and genuine care and respect for each other that gives our guests the welcoming, friendly atmosphere they value so highly. Below, you can find out more about our team culture, and meet some of our wonderful team members...


Team culture and values


The Ulbster Arms Hotel and Lodges embraces a culture that makes people our priority. It is important to us that our owners, guests, colleagues, suppliers and community feel trusted and respected. We strive for a loyal and enthusiastic culture where our guests’ comfort and experience are paramount.

Exceptional Service

We understand that value is created with every encounter, and this is reflected in our professional, warm and friendly service.


We embrace and reflect the heritage and traditions of our north of Scotland location and long-standing connection with salmon fishing.


We commit to honest and transparent interactions between our owners, guests, colleagues, suppliers and the community in which we operate.

Continuous Improvement

We are innovative and seek to continually improve our business and the quality of our products and services.

Meet our General Manager, Jessica

During your stay you’ll be looked after by our front of house team which is headed up by General Manager, Jessica Dreaves. We caught up with Jessica to ask her what she likes about her job at the Ulbster Arms Hotel and Lodges.


What do you love most about your job?

The people, both staff and guests. You can chat to returning guests like old friends you haven’t seen in a while and see the local regulars every week too. You get to meet so many different people from different walks of life.

I also enjoy seeing the young staff come into their first job. Watching them become more confident and their characters grow while they have fun reminds me of when I started as a KP when I was 14. It’s exciting to be part of their first step into working life and we try our best to help them out.

What’s special about the Ulbster Arms Hotel and Lodges?

It’s got a very homely feel to it, so it’s more like being with your family than being at work, which in turn creates a relaxing atmosphere for guests to enjoy themselves and have a laugh with the staff. As so many guests are local and so many return year after year, you get to form real relationships with the guests which many other places don’t get to do. I think this is the best thing about the Ulbster Arms.

What kind of memories do you want guests to leave with?

That they received true Caithness hospitality at its finest from the friendly staff and that they can’t wait to return.

What’s your top recommendation for things to do in the local area?

Watersports, like paddleboarding or surfing – Caithness is one of the prime spots. Anything outside to appreciate some of the best Scottish scenery.

Meet our Head Chef, Craig

You'll see Craig behind the scenes creating an exquisite dining experience at the Ulbster Arms Hotel. Craig's passion for the culinary arts shines through in every dish he meticulously prepares.


What do you love most about your job?

I love the people that I work with here at the Ulbster Arms and being able to express my creativity through culinary creations.

What’s special about the Ulbster Arms Hotel and Lodges?

No day is the same here at the Ulbster Arms Hotel, there is a variety of things to do and ways to spend your time here.

What kind of memories do you want guests to leave with?

The "wow!" factor.

Where do you take your inspiration from in your cooking?

From my travels to different areas of the world/country.