The Lounge & Library


Indulging in a cup of tea, coffee, or your favourite beverage in our library and lounge is a truly serene and inviting experience. Nestled within the cosy confines of our establishment, this dedicated space is designed to provide you with the perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication. As you settle into a plush armchair or find a quiet nook amidst the shelves of books, the world outside fades away, and you are enveloped in an atmosphere of tranquillity. Choose from our carefully curated selection of teas and coffees, or if you prefer, savour a glass of wine or beverage from our bar menu. Our library and lounge offer an ideal backdrop for a peaceful afternoon of reading, a casual conversation with friends, or even a romantic rendezvous. With its elegant ambiance and the comforting embrace of your chosen drink, this space is an oasis of calm where you can unwind and savour the moment, making it a cherished part of your visit.