Salmon Fishing

A bit of history

The Thurso is one the best salmon rivers in Scotland and. It enjoys a long productive season, from 11th January to 5th October. Fish can be caught during every month, but the main spring run will start in March and continue through to early June. Given the right water the fishing in May and June can be very productive. Our Grilse run usually starts in mid-May and runs through to end of August, with a peak in the middle of July, In September we see a smaller run of larger summer Salmon enter the river. On average the river produces around 1700 salmon per year and fishing is by fly only. Since the cessation of the netting in 2005 the catch has been rising and in the last few years we seen record catches made. The Thurso like other rivers is fed from a loch, but unlike many of these rivers we can control the water flowing out of the loch and in this way we are able to maintain the level of the river at a good fishing height for about three weeks, once the loch is full. Since 2012 we have limited the number of spring rods fishing the river and up to the middle of June only 12 rods are let, this gives visiting rods a chance to fish all of the river. From the middle of the June, 2 rods are allocated to each beat.

The Ghillies Room

The ghillies room is the meeting point for ghillies and guests on any given morning during the season and the river manager can also be found here most mornings.

Along with comfortable seating and hot beverage making facilities you can also find useful snippets of information and regular updates from our team of ghillies on current conditions regarding the river Thurso.

The Rod Room

Rod room

Having a safe rod room is essential to any fishing and at the Ulbster arms hotel all fishing guests have exclusive access to this spacious room
The rod room is large enough to accommodate up to 48 rods.

The Drying Room

Drying room.

There is nothing worse than putting on damp cold clothing to start your day.

At the Ulbster arms hotel the drying room is both spacious and warm and will comfortably dry any wet clothing overnight. While generally used by our fishing guests any guests of the hotel are welcome to use the benefits of our drying room.