Dogs at the Hotel


At the Ulbster Arms Hotel, we extend a warm welcome to our guests and their furry companions. We understand that dogs are an integral part of many families, and we're delighted to provide a pet-friendly environment. However, to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all our patrons, we kindly request that dogs be limited to the bottom of the bar area and the library and lounge spaces. These designated areas have been thoughtfully chosen to allow both dog owners and non-pet-owning guests to coexist harmoniously, providing a serene atmosphere for all. Additionally, our hotel is situated in a location that's perfect for long walks and outdoor adventures with your dog. Our friendly and accommodating staff is always on hand to provide you with information about pet-friendly parks and nearby attractions. So, whether you're traveling with a small lapdog or an energetic pup, know that your beloved companion is not just a guest here but a part of our extended family.

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